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Bottle gourd long / ਲੋਕੀ , 500 gm


Lauki, which is also known by a variety of other names like bottle gourd, calabash gourd, doodhi and ghiya.
Lauki is a staple item as far as Indian cuisine is concerned. It is a vegetable with pale, smooth and waxy green surface and white spongy pulp. The juice of lauki is consumed by thousands of people because they believe that it would benefit their health in many ways.

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Long bottle gourd or lauki is the green vegetable which contains more than 90% water, that’s why widely consumed in summers to beat the heat of indian summers.

Rich in various nutrients, low in calories it is consumed as lauki juice which is considered to aid weight loss.

In amritsar, lauki’s is grown in summers but it widely available vegetables throughout the year since it is imported from other states also.

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